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The Thief of Freedom

 A Walk in the Woods I


Dense Woods Andrewhugill

You are a free spirit. You stand at the edge of the deeps woods and think, “There is no trail; no boundaries holding me back. I can go where I want. This is good.” And so you go.

You soon find out that the terrain is tough, rough, and scary.  It’s difficult to navigate. You turn around and head back.



A Walk in the Woods II


Van Buren Trail South Haven Visitors Bureau

You are a free spirit. You stand at the edge of the deep woods. To your right this time is a trail–wide and long. You take it. You walk the trail for miles. Amazing wildlife crosses your path at every turn. You look at the beautiful sky and soak it all in. This trail has led you to unexpected places. You have found unexpected beauty. You are safe. You are free.


The Shackles of Clutter

At first, boundaries seem so constricting, right?  After all, they set up a sort of  series of rules or guidelines. Using the example of the walk in the woods, we can see the fault in this thinking.  When we have no boundaries, we are caught in challenging situations, difficult to navigate.  Boundaries give us the ability to walk free and clear.

Clutter in our homes is like the woods without the trail. At first it seems like freedom: “I don’t have  to put these things away so I can do what I really want.” We might even say, ” I don’t have time to figure out where these things go,” or “I can’t be bothered trying to organize my home. I’m creative. Organization is for neat-freaks.”

Now, there are some people who function quite well in a cluttered atmosphere. They can easily find what they need in piles of stuff.  They are also VERY rare.

The rest of us, however, need visible order. Clutter hinders our ability to do what we want, even if we don’t realize it. How many precious moments do we waste looking for stuff? If you can’t easily find what you need, clutter may be a problem for you.

It just might be the thief of freedom.

Clearing the clutter in our homes works like the trail in the woods–establishing a clear path to provide safety & a joyful experience. Making space allows us to move freely.

So tomorrow, as the country celebrates it’s freedom, why not do one simple act to remove the shackles of clutter?

Think Big, Start Small

Start with a junk drawer. Take out anything that fits this criteria:

  1. Broken. Throw it away.
  2. No longer used. Donate it to your favorite charity.
  3. It belongs somewhere else. E.G. a DVD, a screwdriver, your kids dirty sock (hey, it happens!)


There is no shame in asking for help to clear the clutter and get organized. Let me help. Contact me at kimscutebags@gmail.com








2 comments on “The Thief of Freedom

  1. I love your think big, start small quote. I’m always recommending to readers the importance of setting a simple, easily obtainable goal and taking one step at a time instead of focusing on the “mountain” before you. Great post.


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