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Three Bathroom Items to Get Rid of NOW

Did you know…

Clutter Robs Our Self-Esteem

You wake up one day and tell yourself: “Today I am going to declutter the bathroom! This is it!” You walk to the bathroom, feeling triumphant and elated. You made a decision! You open the door and see the following:

  • bath toys scattered all over the floor
  • more toothpaste on the sink than in the tube
  • several bottles half-full of shampoo and conditioner
  • Creams and OTC medications crammed into the medicine cabinet.

You don’t know where to start.


You walk out of the bathroom and shut the door. “Well, not today,” you say. Before you even begin you feel deflated and dejected. Your self-esteem as mother/wife/father/husband is in the tank.


You Are Not Alone

Did you know…

Decluttering Builds Self-Esteem

This feeling of failure and overwhelm is common to many who experience organizing issues. With my clients, I like to take a huge

problem (like decluttering a room) and break it down into small, more manageable tasks.

So, today, just start with throwing these three bathroom items away:

  1. Expired Medications. These require proper disposal. See the note below for proper disposal
  2. Expired lotions and Sunscreens.
  3. Empty bottles and tubes.

Just clearing the bathroom of these old and expired items will help build self-esteem and make you feel a LOT less like a failure. You are on the road to recovery!

How Do You Eat an Elephant

How To Properly Dispose of Expired Medications.

  1. Don’t flush medications down the toilet.
  2. Take unwanted medicine to a collection program. The medicine is destroyed at regulated incinerators.
  3. If a collection program is not available in your area, either use a medicine mail-back envelope (available at many pharmacies) or dispose of the medicine in the trash after following these tips:
  • Keep medication in its original container.
  • Remove or blacken out all personal information, but leave the name and dose of the medication visible.
  • Add a safe and unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds to the medication and then replace the lid.
  • Seal the medicine bottle in a leak-proof container such as a coffee can. Dispose of in the trash as close to pick-up day as possible.

List provided by the University of Illinois.

There is no shame in asking for help. I want to help you reclaim your home and your life. Contact me HERE

4 comments on “Three Bathroom Items to Get Rid of NOW

  1. Love this and going to show my mom…..


  2. When I do my decluttering/cleaning blogs, I always encourage breaking large tasks into smaller, simpler ones. I do what’s called my top 3 each day. For example, if today is bathroom day, my Top 3 might be clean the toilet, counters, & sweep/mop the floor (whatever 3 items are needed the most). I usually end up doing the tub, wiping down the mirrors, etc. but I don’t put it on my list. Those are the “if I feel like it” bits that make me feel extra good about myself (and if I blow them off, my main objectives were still done so win-win for me!) Love your post!! Sometimes all we need is a jumping off point and your ideas here are awesome 🙂


  3. Great advice! I started decluttering last summer in the house and the tips in this article for the bathroom are excellent! Thanks for sharing!


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