Abundant Living

The Hard And Beautiful Truth About Abundance

Monday evening. Ambushed by the day, I’m beat. A busy weekend, sometimes filled with the aches and pains that accompany middle-age, I am hard-pressed to see the abundance in my life.

And yet, there it is.

My husband folds laundry as I cross the threshold of our one bedroom apartment. I takeover the task as he begins dinner. Home hours before me, he decided to wait for me so we could eat together.

As I put the laundry away this evening, I wondered about this abundance stuff. What is it in my life tonight? My first thought was that it was the special treat of no sugar added ice cream I would have after dinner. But since I am a compulsive overeater (recovered) it’s no great stretch for me to think this.  Abundance had to be something else.

And then it hit me:

Abundance isn’t about what we have or do. It’s about relationship. 

Relationship.  The Apostle Paul was on to something  when he talked about great speech being fueled by love–if it isn’t, then there is nothing there. It matters not one whit what we say. There is no abundance. But if we have love, then we have abundance.

It’s that simple–and THAT difficult.

We sat there, he and I, last night, enjoying a beautiful Summer evening. The drunken crowd swirled about us, lost in the music of the annual festival. Turning to him, I said, “We really have a wonderful life, don’t we.”

He smiled that golden smile of his and squeezed my hand.

“We sure do.”


Let’s build relationship. Tell us about your experience of abundant living below:

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