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Getting Rid of Clutter: 3 Small Actions, ONE Big Impact

Let’s face it–ridding the house of clutter is an overwhelming task. We look at a room filled to the brim and we think:

I don’t even know where to begin? How did this happen?

And then we get into the blame game: We either feel so incredibly guilty for letting it get this way OR we start to blame others and circumstances.

Who cares how it got this way? I don’t. There could be a million reasons (all legit) why clutter accumulated. And that might be good to know. But knowing WHY it got this way does not solve the problem of clearing the clutter.

The only thing that solves the problem of clutter is CONSISTENCY.  Here is my three-pronged approach:

  1. Make a plan. Making a plan an actual plan on the best way to declutter is crucial.  Writing down the plan on paper or in a planner is exceptionally important. See below for my easy, quick start plan for decluttering. No fancy pinterest charts needed.
  2. Keep it simple. We can so easily make simple things very complicated. My easy, quick start process is so simple, your whole family can even get in on the process.
  3. Act on the plan regularly.  This is the crux of it. Consistency is so important. Complex systems discourage us from doing anything with regularity. That’s why my easy, quick-start program works: it’s simple and can be done every day.

My Easy, Quick-Start Program for Decluttering:

  1. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Put a small waste basket (or two) in EVERY room. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to throw things away when there is a garbage can available to every person in every room. Kids will be encouraged to throw garbage away. You might still need to encourage them to EMPTY the bin, but hey, you have to start somewhere!
  2. Get Up & Move. Every time you leave a room, take something that doesn’t belong in to it’s home. A jacket draped over a dining room chair? Next time you leave the room, hang it where it belongs. TV remote in the bathroom? After you wash your hands, put it back where it belongs.
  3. “Commercial” Cleaning. The sister activity to Get Up & Move. A commercial on TV? Get Up & Move. Watching on DVR? Let the commercials run. When the show comes back on, sit and enjoy it. BInge-watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix? No problem. Set a timer for 10 minutes between episodes. Get Up & Move! Repeat as necessary. HINT: this also works for getting things ready for the morning.


For making it to the bottom of this post, you get a bonus 4th activity to help with clutter!

One In, One Out. Although this is not technically decluttering, it does help in preventing the accumulation of clutter.  How it works is that EVERY TIME you bring something new into the house, RELEASE something old. For example: bought 3 new shirts for back to school? Get rid of 3 OLD shirts.  New plunger for the sink? Get rid of the old one, EVEN IF IT STILL WORKS. Keeping items “just in case” leads to clutter.


Products to help clear the clutter

Take these along when you are doing “Commercial” cleaning or “Get Up & Move.”  Personalize them with something helpful like: “Take Me Home,” or “Clutter Buster.” Make it fun!



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1final blue less white

Can’t do it on your own? There is no shame in asking for help. I’m happy to come to your home and help get you on the road to freedom and recovery from clutter! Contact me below or email me @ kimscutebags@gmail.com





2 comments on “Getting Rid of Clutter: 3 Small Actions, ONE Big Impact

  1. HI Kim
    I love your action plan. Since I’ve retired I’ve gotten rid of loads of stuff, my papers, and books from school 30 years ago, that has been weighing me down. I have a centrally located Good Will box and drop useable clothes, books, electronics etc. in it almost daily. I haul it to the donation station weekly.


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